Observation of a Field


June 21, 2012 by mpe77

Drop cords are the last extensions
Of meaningless lighting,
Extending from circuits,
Extending from lines,
They do not really reach you here.
The light is already,
Soft as it may be,
Reflecting off the vapor of a broken cloud,
Fallen and adrift upon the ground.
Follow and it will
Move you,
Through the haze of your darkness.

There is healing in this:

Motion through disintegration,
Water into the dew of green


We choose to tread upon,
But never release.


3 thoughts on “Observation of a Field

  1. Hmpf. Well somebody else must’ve liked this poem too… cause it’s been shared 3 times by who & to where: I have no idea? Why WordPress? Why don’t I know this?

    –MPS aka Echo’s Onomatopoeia.

  2. I like it but I didnt share it! Nice to have found your site.

    • Thank you very much! I just saw that in my stats one day, that people had shared this poem and a couple of other things and I know when we post our stuff that is a chance we are taking, yet still. Where is the honor? As I said in my “Welcome” page: Plagiarism is the worst shame one can bring upon themselves. However, if they shared it, I assume it would show as mine and hopefully link back to me, but idk?

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