About Me: Not in love with Narcissus.



I am a creative writer focused mainly on short stories and poetry. I recently graduated from Converse College in SC with a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing.

I am a practitioner of fictional transformation; which is–in case someone reading this does not know–a little trick we writers employ when writing about “what we know.” I write straight from my heart about life as I perceive it everyday. Fictional transformation is–in many ways–what all writers are doing as they write. Unless, of course you happen to be one of those rarities like Tolkein. The rest of us… We take the events, or moments of our lives and we put our own spin on them, we tell them to our readers in our own voice while using many other tools of our trade. Such as: imagery, metaphor, atmosphere or setting, foreshadowing, etc.

My work is in a constant state of flux between two worlds: my stories about my life that I transform into fiction and my stories that I cull straight from my imagination. The stories that I do pull from my imagination have some base root in reality too, it just more than likely isn’t my reality. My poetry is just that; I realize it isn’t all that great but humor me… I’m working on it.

I am 36 years old and ever so grateful that those publishers I sent my work to at 20 rejected me. I do believe a writer should go to college and refine their craft. I am amazed at the levels of awareness that my mentors led me to discover. As well I am constantly amazed by the “tricks” they used in bringing me around to those discoveries. These are the types of tools that only a gifted mentor can give a beginning writer for their toolbox. I highly recommend the Creative Writing Degree Program at Converse College… if you’re a girl. It is an all girl school… at least for undergrads. However they have a Low Residency MFA Writing Program that rocks and it is co-ed.

Oh. And I dabble in photography too, it’s always been a passion.

I hope you enjoy reading my work and come back often. And please, by all means leave comments, ask questions. I will reply. I will happily reply.

Thank You. And a very special Thank You to those who comment, question, like, and follow.

(All works are my original work and I hold The Poor Man’s Copyright. My work is legally documented as my own. Please abide by your honor. Plagiarism is the worst shame one can bring upon themselves.)

–Miranda Paige Snyder

This picture was taken as a joke–it is supposed to be funny–though no one ever seemed to get it… It’s a freakin’ stuffed deer. (?)


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11 thoughts on “About Me: Not in love with Narcissus.

  1. Weh-Ell. (That’s the word “well” the way I hear my best friends Grandmother saying it in my head.) So this is my “Home” page and–just realized, though could be wrong, it is me–that my menu has *nothing* on it…

    Will fix that shortly.

  2. Hahaha. I just gave myself 5 stars on that… : )

  3. Lori says:

    Thanks for stopping by and following Dear Ms. Migraine.

  4. -MPS says:

    Thank you too, Lori! Much appreciated… ❤

    (Why is it making me leave my own email add.(?!) I followed the link here from there, huh? idk…

  5. Lori says:

    I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award. Follows as set forth in the following post. http://dearmsmigraine.com/2012/10/31/inspiring-blog-award/

  6. […] would like to thank Miranda Paige at https://echosonomatopoeia.wordpress.com/about-me-not-in-love-with-narcissus/ for nominating me for ‘THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD’. This is my first nomination for an […]

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